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Desert Quandong &
Wattle Seed Jelly

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Feel free to view My eBay Feedback page for current comments about my products & fast delivery (you'll also see I have many Return Customers!). These products are made with indigenous foods grown, harvested & naturally dried by Australian Aboriginal communities.

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Quandong Jam

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Yummo! OzzyFrank's Fruit Sauces, Spreads & Conserves are Delicious & Unique! Compare the PURE TASTE to that of commercial products!Up for grabs are jars of my delicious homestyle QUANDONG (Australian Native Peach) & WATTLE SEED JELLY, which is not only unique, but absolutely delicious! Besides this tasty "Aussie Bush Tucker" treat being great value, it is free of preservatives, artifical flavours/colours, and gluten/gelatine thickeners. I make a thick syrup from Desert Quandongs and cook it with Ground Wattle Seeds in Homemade Apple Pectin and White Sugar (that's it - no other hidden nasties!). The result is a smooth, fruity jelly that blends the Peach/Rhubarb flavour of Quandongs with the Chocolate/Coffee/Vanilla overtones of Wattle Seeds. And the texture of my jellies is wonderfully gooey and soft due to hours of cooking apples for their natural pectin (unlike other jellies that are overly firm due to the use of gelatine or other artificial thickeners, or excessive amounts of sugar).

QUANDONGS, also named "Native Peach" or "Desert Peach" by early white settlers, have been a staple part of the Australian Aboriginal diet of for thousands of years. Though Quandongs can be eaten raw, Aborigines would usually dry them for future use, as did the white colonials who made pies, jams and jellies out of them. For many settlers and explorers, Quandongs were one of the only fruits available; in fact, the famous overland explorers Charles Sturt and John Stuart would probably have died of scurvy in central Australia had they not eaten wild, indigenous fruits like Quandongs.

This strange looking fruit - whose peach-like kernel or stone is totally spherical and takes up most of the bulk - tastes like a slightly tart version of normal peaches, and is often compared with rhubarb. I would also add there are strong hints of Tibetan Goji Berries (and Chinese Wolfberries) and even a bit of Quince.

Yummo! OzzyFrank's Fruit Sauces, Spreads & Conserves are Delicious & Unique! Compare the PURE TASTE to that of commercial products!WATTLE SEEDS are from the Wattle or Acacia tree, and though 47 varieties produce seeds suitable for human consumption, most come from Acacia victoriae. They are hard, so are ground to be used in all sorts of foods, including Wattle Seed Icecream, biscuits, preserves, and even sauces for steaks in leading restaurants. The nutty texture and taste is accented with notes of Coffee and Vanilla, and is often compared with Chocolate and Hazelnut. The seeds are sometimes roasted to enhance or these flavours or increase their boldness.

For generations, Australian Aborigines have ground Wattle Seeds into flour for bread (the original Aussie "Damper"!), and now Africans in Niger are benefitting from the highly nutritional bounty from these drought-resistant trees.

So if you're craving a unique culinary experience and a taste of the Outback, grab a jar of this and enjoy the unique taste of Australia's Native Peach and amazing Vanilla Mocha Cappuccino Bean!

Each jar contains approx. 185g of jam by weight. And like all my sauces and preserves, this product is heat-sealed. Check out the photo below the delivery prices table.

Please feel free to e-mail me if you have any questions regarding this item.

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Yummo! Check out this delicious Quandong & Wattleseed Jelly! AWESOME!!!

Yummo! Check out this delicious Quandong & Wattleseed Jelly! AWESOME!!!

Yummo! Check out this delicious Quandong & Wattleseed Jelly! AWESOME!!!

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