Welcome to my little Downloads section for Black Majesty goodies. Here you'll find some great interviews in MP3 format that you won't find elsewhere, as well as other things (like wallpapers) I'll be putting up as time goes by.

You can also ad Black Majesty to your Internet Explorer title bar with a little program I made way back when "Sands Of Time" was just a 3-track promo! (Yes, I'll be updating it soon to feature the "Silent Company" cover, etc).

Interview MP3 Downloads:

Screaming Symphony
28th June 2005 (Hanny & Stevie)
[40kbps, 24khz Stereo, 21:33, 6.16Mb]

Full Metal Racket
10th August 2005 (Stevie & Gio)
[56kbps, 24khz Stereo, 11:45, 4.7Mb]

Internet Explorer title bar changes

I've created a little program for those who would rather see more of Black Majesty and less of Microsoft!

All it does is change some visual aspects of Internet Explorer and Outlook Express, and doesn't muck with your system in any other way.

Simply download the file and run it. You need only install it once, and it is easily uninstalled. Read the info in the install screens for the rest.


(Please note icon artwork is from the original "Sands Of Time" promo cover, and also features an earlier bass player. This will be updated eventually).

Outlook Express title bar changes


Logo change in both IE and Outlook Express

Download Now!

(EXE file : 651 Kb)

Download Now!

(ZIP file : 590 Kb)


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