"Melodic Metal United" at The HiFi Bar

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Dubbed Melodic Metal United, this gig at the HiFi Bar (Melbourne - 26.04.2003) featured the acknowledged greats of the scene, Black Majesty, EYEFEAR, and Crimson Fire.

The order of bands had to be decided by pulling straws, since - in the spirit of true Metal comradeship - each band was happy with any spot allotted.

Black Majesty pulled the shortest straw, so were on first at 9.45 pm. This was bound to cause grief for those fans assuming that Black Majesty would be on last (even though every effort was made to alert everyone to this), and as it turned out a few people who came to see Black Majesty expressly missed their opportunity.

Black Majesty kicked ass as usual, with Silvio from Vanishing Point joining Gio onstage for "Colliding Worlds", then Danny from EYEFEAR guesting on the classic "Guardian".

One surprise was Gio belting out a Halford track pretty damned impressively towards the end of the set.

Then he and the guys got to watch Progressive-Melodic Metal champs EYEFEAR, before Gio was up on stage yet again to sing along with Crimson Fire.

All up, is was one great night of Melodic Metal, even for those who missed Black Majesty. And if you did miss them, next time make sure you know what time they are on... because chances are it could be anytime, if they keep pulling straws instead of fighting for the "headlining" spot, hehe!

"Woe to you, Oh Earth and Sea..."
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