Monday 12th September, 2005

Did you miss the Screaming Symphony Benefit Gig? Well, that was bloody silly of you, wasn't it? You will probably be making sure that you don't miss their CD Launch for "Silent Company" (details below), but for now you can go check out pics from the night and wallow in your own misery (as you should!).

Friday 19th August, 2005

You can download the latest radio interview from my Downloads section, so check it out. It features Stevie (who is no stranger to interviews) and Gio (who avoids them like the Black Death!) being interviewed on "Full Metal Racket", the metal show on 3JJJ-FM. This show goes out nationwide, as well as being webcast, but for those who didn't hear it, you can hear about their European tour, etc.

Sunday 7th August, 2005

Well, the guys are back from a triumphant mini-tour of Europe, and they had an excellent time (as one would imagine). They had a ball doing a couple of small shows in Germany and the Czech Republic, as well as a festival in each place. They especially had a great experience supporting Edguy and Hammerfall, which they are all fans of, and both main bands eagerly watched our boys play from the side of the stage. Oh, and Hanny and Hammerfall's Oscar became good drinking buddies during the festival, so you can see they also did ambassadorial work while over there.

The guys also got a buzz seeing European fans wearing Black Majesty t-shirts, many of which were bought half-way through their set (which means they probably got a whole bunch of new fans from that gig alone!). For more info on their tour, as well as photos and links to reviews, etc, visit their website.

Last but not least, Black Majesty will be playing the Screaming Symphony Benefit Gig with EYEFEAR, Vanishing Point, Template, and Voyager on Saturday 3rd September at the Corner Hotel in Richmond ($20; $10 PBS subscribers).

Following that, on Saturday 1st October, the guys will be having the Official CD Launch for "Silent Company" at The Esplanade Hotel's Gershwin Room ($15). Guests for this awesome gig will be Vanishing Point and Endel Rivers' Hardbite.

Friday 1st July, 2005

Last weekend, Black Majesty played in Sydney as a warm-up to their up-coming tour of Germany and the Czech Republic. Hanny and Stevie did an interview with Screaming Symphony (106.7 3PBS-FM) on Tuesday night, which you can download here (21 mins 33 secs; 6.16 Mb; 40 Kbps/16000Hz Stereo). This week also marked the release (at least in Europe) of their second album, "Silent Company"! The boys will be heading to Europe on Tuesday, and after 10 days of touring, they will disperse for various promotional and recreational activities. Make sure you go and buy their new album (not burn it!!), and check their site and mine for news updates!

Thursday 2nd June, 2005

Yes. I have been a slack boy, but will be updating a bit more frequently, now that there's more things happening in the Black Majesty camp. Since their Sydney trip last year, they had been busy recording their second album, "Silent Company", which is due out at the end of this month! They'll be making their way to Sydney again just before that, and then they're off to Europe! Yes, the boys have been asked to play a couple of festivals and extra dates in Germany and the Czech Republic, so will leave at the beginning of July for ten days. Hanny and Gio will then go to Italy for five days to meet with the press, so this trip promises to be very productive. Stay tuned for more news on that!

In other news, Black Majesty played with EYEFEAR at "Screamers" (Central Club Hotel) last Friday night, with their producer Endel Rivers on keyboards! In fact, due to Mark leaving bass duties to concentrate on his band, The Eternal, and Pavel being stuck in Europe, the whole of Endel's prog/fusion trio, Hardbite, was part of BM for the night! Drummer extraordinaire Glenn Roche and glowing-fretboard bassist Evan Harris did a great job filling in for the missing rhythm section, and it was a treat seeing Endel on keyboards. Silvio Massaro (Vanishing Point) got up for "Colliding Worlds", and Danny Cecati (EYEFEAR) did his bit on "Guardian". I have a bunch of photos from the night, so feel free to peruse (sorry, no thumbnail page, as I have yet to update EYEFEAR's site! All 20 pics load on the same page).

In conclusion, I have to say it's absolutely great that the guys have been asked to play festivals like Headbangers Open Air (amongst others they've had to reject). These will be gigs I will sorely miss not being at, especially as Hardbite will be playing all dates with them. Pavel will also be touring with them and playing certain songs at each gig, even though it's been a long time between rehearsals with the guys. So I strongly suggest that any European fans reading this make the effort to go and see them!

PS: Finally got to hear "Silent Company" at Hanny's yesterday, and I can promise you that if you liked the first album, you're gonna love this one! There's a couple of surprises on there too. Check out their website for more details!

Wednesday 14th July, 2004

Well, not only did Black Majesty kick some serious arse again in Sydney, but I was able to make it up this time and join the action! Danny Cecati from EYEFEAR also made it up this time, so the crowd really got a treat. To read about the gig and access a crapload of photos from the night, go to the review.

Monday 29th March, 2004

Black Majesty will be heading back up to Sydney in July, so you guys in Queensland and the ACT have plenty of time to organise the trip over to finally see these guys! Also, official merchandise is now available at their website - check it out!

Monday 1st March, 2004

Wow! Talk about an AWESOME night!! I am, of course, referring to last Friday night's Breakers Metal gig with EYEFEAR, which really was an event not to be missed. Not since the "Melodic Metal United" gig at the HiFi Bar last year (with Black Majesty, EYEFEAR, and Crimson Fire) have two bands of this calibre come together. So it was no surprise to see close to 350 people there to be part of the event!

Yep, the place was packed, the vibe was extraordinary, and the music was unreal. Con Papazoglou (guitarist of EYEFEAR) played keys on a few songs - a treat we haven't seen since the last Black Majesty gig at Breakers Metal last year. Silvio Massaro from Vanishing Point of course got up and did "Colliding Worlds" with the guys, with Danny Cecati (EYEFEAR) coming in to duet on the classic "Guardian". And they also did a cover of a song they've been wanting to do for ages: Iron Maiden's "Flight Of Icarus" - which went down rather well with the crowd!

If you would like to see pics of the night (including their new backdrop), go to the Photo Album. Also, check out the Breakers Metal site for the gig review and heaps more pics!

Monday 23rd February, 2004

Well, after conquering Sydney in January, the guys are set to play at Breakers Metal again - this Friday night to be exact! They'll be playing with EYEFEAR, their good buddies, so it will be a night of two headliners. Black Majesty, of course, insisted on going on first, or at least flipping for it, but EYEFEAR would have none of it, since Black Majesty opened for them at the "Melodic Metal United" gig at the HiFi Bar last year.

Besides planning to tour to some other states, the guys are already busy writing stuff for the next album. More news on all this coming soon.

Wednesday 12th November, 2003

For those of you who didn't make it to the "Sands Of Time" CD launch at the Central Club on Saturday night, you missed an awesome night! The Eternal have been gaining a name for themselves recently, and many got to see why this Doom band has been talked about since the Headbangers' Ball a few weeks back. Template - who first caught Black Majesty's attention while supporting them at Breakers in August - were on next, and put on a fierce show. This energetic and unique Prog Rock band certainly gained a few more fans (and CD sales!), and got the crowd ready for the main act.

Black Majesty finally got the crowds up the front; in fact, it was so tight up there, I could only really take pics from either side of the stage. These guys certainly know how to please a crowd, and they not only belted out tracks from their new release, but also unveiled a new track!

Of course, Silvio Massaro (from Vanishing Point) got up to sing on "Colliding Worlds", which understandably sent the crowd nuts. Those who caught the Breakers gig will remember that Silvio also sang "Guardian" on the night, since Danny Cecati (from EYEFEAR) was in the UK. Now it was Danny's turn to get back up there and sing the song that got Black Majesty so much attention in Europe. Of course the crowd went wild, and this ended the gig on a definite high note. The night finished off with the guys (including Danny and Silvio) signing CD booklets, and of course talking to fans who couldn't stop raving about the tracks they had already heard... and how they were hanging to get home and hear the whole CD.

Now the boys are planning to get to Sydney, Adelaide and Brisbane, so keep tuned for news on their Australian tour!                                    Check out some pix of the night!

Sunday 5th October, 2003

Well everyone, the "Sands Of Time" CD launch has been organised, and it looks to be a great night! Besides seeing the guys do their stuff, you'll be able to buy the CD on the night. Also, they have a couple of great supports: Template (a very talented Progressive Rock act), who they played with at their last gig at Breakers Metal; and Progressive Metallers Without End. For full details, click the Gigs link.


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