Debut Gig as "Black Majesty"

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The guys told us all not to hold our breaths waiting for gigs, as they would be concentrating solely on recording the rest of "Sands Of Time". However, due to much hassling from fans, they took a short break from recording and ended their drought of live performances, with this gig:

Arthur's Birthday Gig featuring:
Black Majesty/Sanity's Cage
Sat 30th Nov 2002
@ Deviate
14 McKillop St, Melbourne

Doors opened on the upper level at 11.30, and it didn't take long for the place to pack out. In a move which surprised many, Black Majesty had decided to play first, but luckily a few of us had got word of this and circulated it around (knowing some people like to be unfashionably late!).

When the guys came on at midnight, I think they were a little surprised at the huge reception they got! But why should they have been? Their promo kicks ass, and many have been dying to hear more songs. Besides that, it was actually their debut gig as "Black Majesty", and many had been hanging to see The Sheriff (new bassist, Joe, hehehe) in action!

The guys kicked off the show with one of the new songs they have been working on, and also the title track to the forthcoming album, "Sands Of Time". Next came "Journey's End" which, while not a new song, has been reworked during the process of recording. Another song that has been slightly updated is "Colliding Worlds", which followed.

This was to be the first highlight of the night, and saw Silvio joining Gio in a duo for the first time. Gio often jumps up and grabs the mic at Vanishing Point gigs, so they decided Silv should help out on "Colliding Worlds". Though not a new song, the parts worked out for Silvio certainly add more depth to it! As one can imagine, the crowd totally loved it!

Once Silvio left the stage, the guys continued on with "Legacy", another great new song, which they followed with the epic "Beyond Reality". This is one of their longer songs, and a crowd favourite, so the place was pumping!

We were then treated to a drum solo from the god himself, Pavel, that people are still talking about. From this, they launched into the much-awaited "Fall Of The Reich", which certainly got people banging their heads and ready for an explosive finale!
The gig ended with another guest appearance, by Gio's cousin and EYEFEAR vocalist, Danny Cecati (also ex-Pegazus). Of course, the place went nuts - not only because he is considered a god by many, but because we all knew it was time for "Guardian"!!!

So, with the guest appearances, Pavel's solo, and a couple of new songs being tried out, it was certainly a memorable night. Let's hope they can find the time for one more gig in 2002!

"Woe to you, Oh Earth and Sea..."
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